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Pig Farm Consultancy
Peelweg 16
5813 AD Ysselsteyn
The Netherlands


  • hands on
  • 35 years experience
  • references
  • result driven

Hans Lemmens, Owner PFC

I am Hans Lemmens, born on January the 1th, 1969. Meanwhile having 35 years of experience in the pig farming industry. I started when I was a school pupil and worked at that time during holidays and weekends on pig farms. After my military service I started full time in pig farming. In the beginning as a servant and eventually as partner and manager. In this time I have mainly developed myself through courses and practical training. 

From company manager to interim manager

On several pig farms I worked as a company manager. Gradually I found my passion for improving the technical results. In 2004 I made the step into self-employment and farms hire me as a consultant or interim manager. Entrepreneurship starts with vision and industry knowledge. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile or download my CV

Vision Pig Farm Consultancy

The Netherlands has a clear leadership where it comes to professional pig farming. In many other countries, the development of pig farming is not according to the latest developments and opportunities. Increasing competition makes scale to reduce costs necessary. Operational excellence is a must to meet the obligations of the bank and to ensure continuity. PFC is ready to assist pig farmers with sufficient scale on improving the technical as well as economical results. A proven working method propagated through consultancy, interim management and training. Cost effective work is the starting point, not voluminous reports but concrete action and instructions through a proven protocol.

Satisfied customers continue

Satisfied customers remain customers. At this time, despite the economic situation my clients portfolio is still growing. Many customers from the very beginning when I started in 2004 are still customer and I still visit them. Good cooperation and involvement are essential to make the best achievements.

If you want to know more about the process of PFC or about me, Hans Lemmens, please do not hesitate to contact. Contacting me can also be done through my LinkedIn profile. Ask what I can do for you and for my references.